The Year In Weather

The Sun and The Rain...

How has the weather been in Quidhampton this year? And what is it looking like across the meadows today?

Above and below, you can find some data on how warm it's been, and how wet. So far - the answer is both, but 2021 is proving to be a mixed bag. Temperatures across the last twelve months have been, on average, 0.5°C warmer (against seasonal mean temps) but we have had, so far, a very cold April and May 2021. The extreme peaks are few and far between, as you can see. The trend seems to be a warming one, globally, something that was being talked about 30 years ago. October had all of its monthly rainfall - in just the first three days of the month and went on to more than double the seasonal average. December 2020  and May 2021 were also particularly wet months. Stormy weather...

Avg temperatures per day versus Salisbury monthly average (degrees celsius)

Data from Netatmo @ LocksLane

Rainfall per month vs Average

Data from Netatmo @ LocksLane

Rainfall - peaks and troughs

Data from Netatmo @ LocksLane